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Wood Burning Folding Camping Stove Lightweight Camping Hiking

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One of the smallest lightweight wood burning stoves you can buy. This stove will allow you to cook a meal anywhere using twigs.
Compact super lightweight wood burning stove, uses twigs, wood, pine cones, no need for fuel canisters User friendly with open mouth for conveniently adding of fuel.
Environmentally friendly, no fuel canisters, no chemical emissions, no batteries, less carbon.
Unlimited fuel sources, cook a meal using the twigs. Boil water in minutes.
Built to last, made of hardened stainless steel, stove is meant for backpacking camping and survival. Now you can start a fire in minutes. Perfect for full meals or just a cup of coffee.

(1) 4 1/4in high x 3 2/3in wide x 3 1/2in deep
Folds down nearly flat 3in x 4 1/4in
Weight 7 oz. Includes black carry bag.

(1) Roll of 18in long x 1 1/2in wide charcloth, used for hundreds of years to start fires. No chemicals used here.
Made from 100% natural 15 oz. cotton duck, right here is the US. Our charcloth is the thickest, longest lasting, hottest burning charcloth you can buy, we guarantee it

(1) High Quality Ferro Rod 3in Long 5/16 thick, will last for thousands of strikes. Handle keep ferro rod from slipping out of your hand.

(1) One carbon steel striker scraper that will produce extreme sparks from any ferro rod. Made from durable carbon steel. Includes concave serrated end, hex wrench, bottle opener and ruler. Will last
Length: 4 in
Width: 3/4 in
Thickness 1/16 in

(1) Box of 32 count matches, just case

(1) Tinder torch 12" long jute soaked in soy wax for a hot burn. Ignite with your Ferro Rod or matches, will burn for over 1 hour, works in windy conditions, water proof, use to start your camp fire. Can be used as a candle. Pull wick through handle to put out.

(10) Fatwood sticks ignites from your Ferro rod instantly, burns very hot. Perfect to get your stove fire started.

(8) Pieces of jute rope soaked in soy wax. Ignites even if wet from sparks from your Ferro Rod, matches or lighter. Use to ignite your tinder then add kindling

(1) Stainless Steel Fire Starting Tube compacts down to 3 1/2" use to blow air onto your fire. Great for starting fires by blowing air into the fire, increasing the oxygen, and causing your fire to start burning very quickly. Works on wet tinder. Will also ignite embers from a dying fire in seconds.

(1) Green carry bag with handle 7in x 5in, everything fits into the carry bag. Very lightweight and compact.

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Excited to use it on our next adventure! Well packaged, quickly delivered and matched item description. Quality item.

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