Fire Starting Bellows Set of 2 Stainless Steel


Tools For Your Survival

These fire-starting tubes are a must-have survival tool. Start a fire with coals from the night before. Perfect gift for the Outdoors person.

(2) Stainless Steel Fire Starting Tubes Hand Cut to 20in & 23in long, compact down to 3 1/2in and 6in. Use it to blow air onto your fire. Great for starting fires by blowing air into the fire, increasing the oxygen, and causing your fire to start burning very quickly. Works on wet tinder. Will also ignite embers from a dying fire in seconds.
Essential in fire starting kit. The pocket-size fire below is perfect for use in the wilderness or backyard. Great for outdoor and indoor fireplace use, campfires, fire pits, and charcoal grills. Stainless Steel, light collapsible bellows, rust-proof and durable. Keep your face away from the flame.


(1) Hand Cut Stainless Steel Bellows 23" long, collapses to 6"

(1) Hand Cut Stainless Steel Tube Bellows 20" long, collapses down to 3 3/4", use to blow air onto your fire. Great for starting fires from coals

Very nice quality tubes, and I like the two different sizes; one for carry, and one for the camp box.

Great product for a great value.

Great product and arrived as expected

Great product and great price

Perfect for backpacking!! Good customer service and very professional. Thank you!

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