Fatwood Fire Starting Sticks 8" Long Survival Gear Fire Starter Bushcraft


Now is the time to prepare for your survival. GLOBAL AND NATIONAL CONDITIONS ARE CHANGING DAILY. Earthquakes, Flooding, Fires, Cybersecurity, Mass Shootings, Civil Unrest, Inflation, Food Shortages, Supply Chain Issues, Wars. There is nothing difficult about preparing yourself and your family for survival. Know what your physical abilities are and understand your limitations. Start your plan today. You will survive.

Now you can carry one piece of fatwood 8" long 1" -1 1/2" thick with you when you are out in the woods. This fatwood stick allows you to carry fatwood dust and kindling with you at all times. Handy paracord for easy attaching to your backpack or belt. Fatwood is chemical-free all-natural tinder, the perfect fire starter for any type of fire. Waterproof, will last for years and years. Very easy to use just scrape some wood chips off the stick with your knife or use a scraper to create dust. Ignite with a match, lighter or Ferro Rod. You will have a fire going in seconds, even in wet conditions.

Fatwood has been used for 100 years to start fires. Naturally soaked in the tree's resin. No chemicals are used here, non-toxic and safe to handle. It Ignites instantly and burns very hot. Cut from dead pine stumps left after logging, we never cut live trees. Use to start a fire anywhere, campfires, wood stoves. Perfect for your survival kit, backpacking, bug-out kits, hiking, preppers, or camping. Fatwood never lets you down in emergencies.


(3) Fatwood stick 9" long x 1"- 1"1/2" thick with paracord

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Fantastic Customer Service.. honestly, this is the best service I have received in many, many years. Will definitely do business again.

This will help make a lot of fires I definitely gonna buy another

Mine did not come as pictured. It was rough and uneven, like it was shaped by an axe. It took a lot of whittling to get to something I could handle comfortably without gloves. Also, mine did not have a lot of resin. When I was done whittling, there was barely any resin on my knife. The inexpensive fatwood sold at Walmart has more resin. Overall, disappointing. For less money, I can buy a whole box of fatwood from Walmart and select the best pieces for my fire kit.

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