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Tools For Your Survival-Designed, Assembled and Shipped from the USA-Since 1989

Take charge of your survival needs. This tactical fire-starting kit is the perfect companion to take into the woods. Now you can have the ability to start a fire, anytime and in any conditions, wind, rain, or snow. Kaeser Wilderness fire-starting kits are made from the most durable materials available. All of our kits are tested in the wilderness before we offer them for sale. Kaeser Wilderness Supply fire-starting, and survival kits are built to perform every time even under the most severe conditions. We hand-make every kit as if your survival depends on it. since 1989.

GLOBAL AND NATIONAL CONDITIONS ARE CHANGING DAILY. Natural or man-made hazards take place daily. Climate change, industrial accidents, earthquakes, landslides, tsunamis, floods, snow storms, wildfires, as well as pandemics. These factors will result in increased disasters. Country after country hit by ransomware all over the world. No one or county is safe from attack. What will you do if the grid goes down? No gas at gas stations. No food deliveries at the supermarket. More lockdowns. It could happen. There is nothing difficult about preparing yourself and your family for survival. Know what your physical abilities are and understand your own limitations.

*You only have 3 hours in extreme cold, until hypothermia sets in. With this fire-starting kit, you will have the ability to start a fire under any conditions either for warmth or cooking. We all should have an emergency plan for peace of mind. Practice makes perfect. Build confidence by learning how to make a fire under any conditions. Always make sure your fire is out before you leave. If you have any questions, please contact me, Steve Kaeser. See you out on the trail.

If you're not convinced you'll ever need a kit like this one, I'll tell you a story about the importance of being able to start a fire in an emergency. Last year, a family needed to be rescued in Colorado's snowy mountains on Christmas Eve. "The party told deputies they ended up on this road because their GPS told them it was the fastest route from Durango to Norwood," said a spokeswoman for the local sheriff's office.
On his Twitter, San Miguel County Sheriff Bill Masters said the story shows it's important for people to keep extra food and water in their vehicles, along with warm gear and fire-starting material to help brave chilly emergencies.

"The family is lucky to have had moderate temperatures and our ability to use aircraft to locate them," Masters said.


(1) One-of-a-kind brass handle ferro rod. Please do not confuse this Ferro rod with Ferro rods that have plastic or wood handles that can break, split, snap apart, or are hard to hold. Ours uses a genuine recycled all-brass casing made in the USA for a perfect fit. Put together by hand one at a time, for strength and durability in Ventura, California. This Ferro rod puts out showers of sparks. Start a fire anywhere, in snow, rain, or wind with this unique heavy-duty Ferro rod. Perfect for survival kits, preppers, backpacking, bug-out kits, hiking, backpacking, or camping.

The overall length is 4 1/2in
5/16 in thick Ferro rod
Ferro Rod is 2 /1/2in long
Genuine USA brass casing handle
Will create thousands of sparks

(1) Premium carbon steel striker, bottle opener, ruler, hex wrench, and serrated scraper creates more sparks than the previous model, 2 7/8in long, will last a lifetime

(1) Bag of fatwood dust 2 1/2in x 3in. Ignites with sparks from ferro rod. Use it as tinder to start your fire.

(1) Fatwood sticks 100% natural, 4in long. Cut small pieces to use as tinder. Ignite from your Ferro rod instantly, burns hot.

(1) Tinder Wick 13in long soaked in soy wax for hot long-lasting burn time. Ignites from sparks from your Ferro rod. Use to ignite fires or use as a candle.

(1) Stainless Steel Fire Starting Tube compacts down to 3 1/2" use to blow air onto your fire. Great for starting fires by blowing air into the fire, increasing the oxygen, and causing your fire to start burning very quickly. Works on wet tinder. Will also ignite embers from a dying fire in seconds.

(1) Tin Container 4 1/4in long x 2 7/8in wide x 1 3/8in deep to store all your items in. (1) Ranger Band, keeps lid secure on the tin.

(1) Waterproof Match 1.8in long x 1.1in wide x 3/8in thick. Hot burning, refillable, will last for thousands of lights. NOT SHIPPED WITH LIGHTER FLUID

FREE USPS GROUND SHIPPING contiguous 48 states. Each order is professionally packed to assure safe delivery. Transit time approximately 2-4 days, excluding weekends and holidays, and may vary with package destination.

If you have any questions or would like to sell our products, please contact me for my wholesale price list.

Thanks for looking. See you out on the trail. Steve Kaeser

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Looks good everything needed inside

Pretty cool little set. Came in a tin. Can’t wait to use it and see what it’ll do

Great items, great service. Had an issue with what I received and was fixed very, very quickly!

Wow! Really nice little kit that made a great gift. Thinking about getting one for myself.

Item as described and arrived quickly.

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