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Hand-made Tinder Torch Wick. Perfect for starting fires in windy or wet conditions. Produces a large flame that is controllable. Can be used over and over again with a total burn time of over 2 hours. Made from hemp rope infused in soy wax for a clean non-toxic burn. Use a Ferro rod to ignite into a flame in a second by fraying the end of the hemp rope, one or two strikes from your Ferro rod and you will have a flame. Slide rope through the tube to control flame size, and pull the flame into the tube to put the flame out. Can also be used as a candle. I have used tinder torch wicks while backpacking the Pacific Crest Trail from California to Canada they have never let me down in wind or rain, and will not blow out like matches or a lighter. Perfect for camping, hikers, survival kits, bushcraft, preppers, backpacking, and bug-out kits.

This Tinder Torch is 13 13-inch long, hemp rope, soaked in soy wax for an extra long burning time, fray the end of the cotton rope with your striker, and light it with sparks from the Ferro rod. Put out the flame by moving the rope down into the brass casing.

*You only have 3 hours in the extreme cold until hypothermia sets in. With fatwood, you'll have the ability to start a fire under any conditions.

(1) One-of-a-kind Tinder Torch, handmade in the US with a recycled brass casing. 13-inch long jute wick infused in soy wax for hot long-lasting burn time. Ignites from sparks from your Ferro rod. Will not blow out in the wind, is waterproof, starts a fire under any condition. Adjust the flame by pulling out or pushing in the wick through the brass casing, to put out flame pull the flame into the casing.

(1) Extra 13in wick

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