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Introducing the ultimate fire-starting kit for any outdoor enthusiast: our unique one-of-a-kind Ferro Rod, Striker with Fatwood Stick!

Our Ferro Rod is made from high-quality ferrocerium and fitted to a brass casing, allowing you to easily and reliably start a fire in any weather conditions. The striker is designed with a comfortable grip and a sharp edge that generates plenty of sparks with each strike.

But that's not all! Our kit also includes a resin-rich Fatwood Stick, which is the perfect kindling for starting a fire. Fatwood is a natural resin-rich wood that ignites quickly and burns hot, making it the ideal fire starter for camping, hiking, and survival situations.

To use our kit, simply shave off some fatwood shavings using the Ferro Rod Striker's concave edge, and use the striker to create sparks that will ignite the shavings. With this kit in your pack, you'll never have to worry about starting a fire again.

Order now and experience the convenience and reliability of our Ferro Rod Striker with Fatwood Stick for yourself!


(1) Ferro Rod with brass casing for a handle to ensure a firm grip, 5/16" thick x 3" long. Will create 1000s of sparks

(1) Fatwood stick 4in long 1/2-3/4 inch thick rich in resin. Use for tinder, scrape a small amount off the stick with your striker ignite with ferro rod, start a fire in seconds.

(1) This premium carbon steel striker scraper will produce extreme sparks from your Ferro rod. Made from super durable carbon steel, and includes a concave serrated end, hex wrench, bottle opener, and ruler. Will last a lifetime.

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Looks great can’t wait to get out and use them!

It works so far! Cant wait for the boyfriend to see it!

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