Matches Stormproof Windproof Waterproof 28 pcs Emergency's Survival OffGrid Camping Bushcraft


Are you an adventurer who loves exploring the great outdoors, no matter the weather? Then you need our stormproof waterproof matches!

Our matches come in two waterproof containers that are specially designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, such as strong winds and rain, thanks to their stormproof feature. Plus, they are also waterproof, so you can light them even if they get wet.

These matches have extra-long wooden sticks, making them easier to handle, and a waterproof coating on the match head to ensure they ignite even in the wettest conditions. They are perfect for camping, hiking, fishing, or any outdoor activity where you might need a reliable source of fire.

Now is the time to prepare for your survival. GLOBAL AND NATIONAL CONDITIONS ARE CHANGING DAILY. Earthquakes, Flooding, Fires, Cybersecurity, Mass Shootings, Civil Unrest, Inflation, Food Shortages, Supply Chain Issues, Wars. There is nothing difficult about preparing yourself and your family for survival. Know what your physical abilities are and understand your limitations. Start your plan today. You will survive.

Don't let the weather ruin your outdoor experience.

(2) Waterproof containers with 14 matches per container total (28) windproof waterproof matches, Matches burn for 25 seconds, length is 3" long

(2) Strikers,one on the bottom and one striker on the top of each container

Matches are shipped by ORM-D USPS ground to the lower 48 states only and can take up to 14 days for delivery. Sorry, no international shipping or APO.
Requires a Physical Street Address. Thanks for looking.

Can't wait to try these out. Great containers that will keep them safe until needed.

They were shipped, and delivered same week of ordering. I tested one at the kitchen sink, i don't recommend using indoors it was quite pungent. Took a couple of strikes to light, once lit I put it under running water and it lit back up after removing from water. Only issue I have is that it burns really quick but I am sure they will work as intended when needed. Thank you!

Better than expected thank you

Came as advertised! Very happy

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