Charcloth Char Cloth Ferro Rod Fire Starter Hand Made in USA Camping Hiking


Hand Made Charcloth Char Cloth Fire Starter Emergency Camping Hiking

Our charcloth is made from 100% natural 15 oz. cotton duck, the thickest material available. No chemical used here. Our charcloth is tested in the wilderness before we offered it for sale. Designed and assembled right here in the USA, Kaeser Wilderness charcloth is made to perform every time even under the most severe conditions. We make every kit as if your survival depends on it.

Genuine Charcloth (4) 2in wide x 18in long, a total of 6 feet. Ignites with a strike from a ferro rod, flint, and steel or magnifying glass. If your charcloth gets wet just shake. Enough charcloth to start 72 fires. Could be a lifesaver in survival situations. Always have some available when you go into the woods. One spark from your ferro rod ignites your charcloth instantly. Burns very hot and long. Charcloth has been used for hundreds of years to start fire


(1) Tin container 4" long x 2 7/8" wide x 1 5/8" deep. Great for storing your charcloth in.

(1) Ferro rod: 3" long x 5/16' wide, will last for thousands of strikes, works in wet conditions

(10) Feet of 550 Paracord long can be used in an emergency for Carry Straps, Boot Shoelaces, Tie Knots, Cloth Lines, Dog Leashes, Impromptu Belt

(1) Carbon steel striker. Also functions as a concave serrated end, a hex wrench, a bottle opener, and a ruler. Will last a lifetime

(4) Rolls of charcloth 2in x 18in total 6ft.

(5) Pieces of Burlap 2 1/2" x 4" used for a bird's nest or tinder, ignites with sparks from your Ferro

(1) Tactical band. Can be used as tinder in case of emergency.

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