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Start a fire anywhere, in snow, rain or wind with this unique heavy duty ferro rod. Perfect for survival kits, preppers, backpacking, bug out kits, hiking or camping.

Our ferro rods are made to last, throws hot burning sparks, start a fire quickly even in wet conditions. I have used ferro rods while backpacking from sea level to Mt. Whitney at 14000 plus feet for over 30 years. This one is made to last. Used by outdoors enthusiast all over the US. Thanks for looking. See you on the trail. Steve Kaeser.


(1) One Ferro Rod 3in Long, 5/16 thick, overall length 5 inches, will last for thousands of strikes

(1) One carbon steel striker scraper that will produce extreme sparks from any ferro rod. Made from super durable carbon steel. Includes concave serrated end, hex wrench, bottle opener and ruler. Will last a life time.

Length: 3 in
Width: 3/4 in
Thickness 1/16in

Before you take this fire starting kit into the wilderness, please take the time to practice making a few fires. If you have any question please call or email me. Steve Kaeser.

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Thank you! Awesome product!

Works great, my kid could light a fire on her own after just a few tries. I recommend using cotton balls as tinder b/c it ignites very well.

My order came super fast, was high quality and I already packed it in my camping bag. I will order from this shop again!

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