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Stay prepared for any outdoor adventure with our ultimate fire starting kit! The kit includes a durable ferro rod, a striker, and a tinder bundle. Light a fire easily in any weather with our waterproof ferro rod. The striker is made of high-quality steel ensuring a spark every time. The tinder bundle contains natural, long-burning materials to get your fire started quickly. Perfect for camping, hiking, hunting, and emergency situations. Be ready for anything with this reliable fire starter kit.

Kaeser Wilderness fire starting kits are made from the most durable materials available. All of our kits are tested in the wilderness before we offer them for sale. Designed and assembled right here in the USA. Kaeser Wilderness survival fire-starting kits are built to perform every time even under the most severe conditions.

GLOBAL AND NATIONAL CONDITIONS ARE CHANGING DAILY. FBI warns of more cyber attacks coming. Company after company hit by ransomware. What will you do if the grid goes down? No gas at gas stations. No food deliveries at the supermarket. More lockdowns. It could happen. Now you can be prepared for survival or emergencies. There is nothing difficult about preparing yourself or your family for survival. You have to get into a mindset. Know what your physical abilities are and understanding your own limitations. Once you know that, you have nothing to fear. The time to start is now. Better to be safe than sorry.

This survival fire starting kit has 6 ways to make a fire and survive in the outdoors. You only have about 3 hours in extreme cold before hypothermia sets in. Now is the time to get ready for survival, not when you are in the woods. This kit will ensure you stay warm with a fire. Everything fits into the rugged molle bag: 7in high x 5in wide x 2in thick and made to last for years. We live in strange times with most people disconnected from what really matters. Getting into the woods and being able to make a fire any time will give you a strong sense of natural accomplishment. In fact, getting into the woods is very good for your mental and physical health. Being able to make a fire is very important, and your life could depend on it. It does take time, and there are challenges in making a fire with your own hands and brain. Once you master fire-making you will have gained tremendous confidence in your ability to be self-sufficient. Before you take this fire starting kit into the wilderness, please take the time to practice making a few fires. If you have any questions, please contact me, Steve Kaeser.


(1) OD Green Molle bag made from durable 1000 denier waterproof nylon. It even has a pouch for your cell phone. Dimension approx. 6 3/4" high x 4 3/4" wide x 1 5/8" thick.
(1) Straw wood, use for bird's nest, ignites with ferro rod.
(1) Bag of fatwood, use for tinder, ignites with ferro rod
(1) Roll of char cloth: 2in wide x 18in long. Ignites with ferro rod in seconds.
(1) Stainless Steel Fire Tube compacts down to 3 1/2" used to blow air onto your fire. Great for starting fires by blowing air into the fire, increasing the oxygen, and causing your fire to start burning very quickly. Works on wet tinder. Will also ignite embers from a dying fire in seconds.
(1) 5 pieces of burlap, use for a bird's nest or tinder
(1) Fatwood dust, use for tinder
(10) Fatwood sticks, use for tinder, lights when wet
(1) Stainless steel knife with sheath, overall length 3 1/2in
(1) Ferro rod: 3in long x 5/16in thick, good for thousands of strikes
(1) Premium carbon steel striker, will last a lifetime.

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See you out on the trail. Steve Kaeser

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It was Great!! I loved it

Even the pouch is well made!

Bought this as a gift along with a state park/camping gift card for a friend. Such a well thought out package and presentation. Loved the small cards to demonstrate various tools usage. High quality. Very impressed!

A bit smaller than I expected, but still great!

Another great kit I have several of these kits they are all very well thought out and contain items that are not only very useful but of very high quality as well

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