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Take charge of your camping, outdoors, emergency, and survival needs. This tactical fire-starting kit is the perfect companion to take into the woods. Now you can have the ability to start a fire, anytime and in any conditions, wind, rain, or snow. Kaeser Wilderness fire-starting kits are made from the most durable materials available. All of our kits are tested in the wilderness before we offer them for sale. Kaeser Wilderness fire-starting and survival kits are built to perform every time even under the most severe conditions. We hand-make every kit as if your survival depends on it- since 1989.

GLOBAL AND NATIONAL CONDITIONS ARE CHANGING DAILY. Now you can be prepared for emergencies and survival. There is nothing difficult about preparing yourself or your family for survival. You have to get into a mindset. Know what your physical abilities are and understand your own limitations. Once you know that, you have nothing to fear. Start your plan today.

*You only have 3 hours in extreme cold, until hypothermia sets in. With this survival kit, you will have the ability to start a fire under any conditions either for warmth or cooking. Always have an emergency plan when you go into the woods. Practice makes perfect. Build confidence by learning how to make a fire under any conditions. Always make sure your fire is out before you leave.

The ability to start a fire quickly isn't just convenient for camping and trekking: having a fire-starting kit in your car or emergency pack could save you and your family's life, especially when traveling anywhere in harsh weather during the fall or winter. With fatwood, you will have the ability to start a fire in any weather conditions, including snow, rain, or heavy wind. Fatwood has been used for hundreds of years to start fires because it's naturally soaked in the tree's resin. No chemicals are used here, it's non-toxic and ignites instantly. Cut from dead pine stumps left after logging, we never cut live trees. Use to start all kinds of fires, for wood stoves, campfires, fireplaces, barbecues, and more. Tin fits in your shirt or pants pockets.

The tinder wick produces a large flame that is controllable and can be used over and over again, with a total burn time of up to 1 1/2 hours. Made from hemp rope infused in soy wax for a clean, non-toxic burn. After fraying the end of the hemp rope, give it 1-2 strikes from the ferro rod and you'll have a flame in seconds. Slide the rope through the tube to control the size of the flame. Pull the flame into the tube to put the flame out. Can also be used as a candle. Will burn in wind, rain or snow. Designed to last.

Remember to always practice building a fire with your gear beforehand when you plan on using it in the woods. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.


(1) Pack of fatwood sticks: 4" long each. These will save you the time of splitting sticks

(1) Tinder Wick: 14" hemp rope infused in soy wax for a long burn, 4 1/2" tube. Perfect for starting fires in windy or wet conditions

((1) Tin 4 1/2 long x 3 5/8" wide x 7/8" high, with ranger band

(1) Carbon steel striker. Also functions as a concave serrated end, a hex wrench, a bottle opener, and a ruler. Will last a lifetime

(1) Tin: 4 1/2" long x 3 5/8" wide x 7/8" high, with ranger band

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Thanks for looking. See you out on the trail, Steve Kaeser

High quality and super fast shipping!

Awesome product and service.....great to have this staple in the camp pack!

Came on time and is just what I expected, iteill go into my wilderness survival kit.

Great little fire starter tin for my hiking kit.

Item is exactly as pictured!

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