Multifunctional Survival Gear First Aid Emergency Kit


Tools For Your Survival.

GLOBAL AND NATIONAL CONDITIONS ARE CHANGING DAILY. FBI warns of more cyber attacks coming. Country after country hit by ransomware all over the world. No one or county is safe from attack. What will you do if the grid goes down? No gas at gas stations. No food deliveries at the supermarket. More lockdowns. It could happen. There is nothing difficult about preparing yourself and your family for survival. Know what your physical abilities are and understand your own limitations. Start your plan today. You will survive.

Multifunctional Survival Gear First Aid Emergency Kit 25-1. Great Gift for the Outdoors Person.

Not all survival kits are the same. Our kits a tested in the field before we offer them for sale, making sure they pass our ridged specifications. Made of rugged Tan 1000 waterproof nylon with padded interior extra strong buckle. Designed as a tactical molle bag that can be used as a small EDC pouch, tactical pouch, tactical bag, military pouch, bob , waist bag, gadget pouch, or utility belt pouch. Made to last.

I. Tan Molle Bag 7in high x 5in wide x 1 7/8in thick

6 1/2ft of paracord

2. Carabiners

1. Knife sharpener

1. Pair of scissors

1. Water bottle buckle

1. LED light on a key ring

1. Whistle

1. LED flashlight

1. Ferro Rod with handle

1. Striker with can opener

5. Styptic, stops bleeding when applied to cut

4. Alcohol pads

4. Lodophor tablets a complex of iodine and a surface-active agent that releases iodine gradually and serves as a disinfectant

10. Cotton swabs

1. Roll or adhesive tape

1. Multifunctional spoon, fork, can opener, bottle opener

1. Knife

1. Fire starting tube compacts down to 3 1/2"

1. 11-1 survival card

2 Pieces of gauze

1. Compass brass case

Item shipped immediately and received within a day or two of ordering. It was a gift and they loved it.

Awesome little backpacking/camping kit! Very efficiently packed with all the items you need in an emergency or tight situation. The only thing I would say is that the fire starter doesn’t seem to spark quite as much as it looks like in the photos, I haven’t been able to light anything yet after trying a few times since the sparks are so few.

The items were all there and high quality and arrived really quickly

Item is exactly what is pictured.

Excellent! Really neat put together and good quality stuff.

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