Wood Burning Folding Survival Emergency Stove Fatwood Lightweight Camping Gear


Tools For Your Survival

Wood Burning Folding Survival Emergency Stove Lightweight Camping Gear Hiking.

Not all compact stoves are made of the same material. Our stove is made of hardened stainless steel, tested in the field before we offer it for sale to make sure it meets our high standards, built to last, this stove is meant for backpacking camping, and survival. Comes in a back bag for convenient carrying.

Ships from USA -100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

This compact wood-burning stove uses twigs, pine cones, and small pieces of wood, no need for fuel canisters. User-friendly with an open mouth for conveniently adding fuel.

Environmentally friendly, with no fuel canisters, no chemical emissions, no batteries, less carbon.
Unlimited fuel sources, cook a meal using the twigs. Boil water in minutes.
Built to last, and made of hardened steel, this stove is meant for rugged backpacking camping and survival. Comes in a back bag for convenient carrying.

GLOBAL AND NATIONAL CONDITIONS ARE CHANGING DAILY. Now you can be prepared for survival or emergencies. There is nothing difficult about preparing yourself or your family for survival. You have to get into a mindset. Know what your physical abilities are and understanding your own limitations. Once you know that, you have nothing to fear. Start your plan today.

4 1/4in high x 3 2/3in wide x 3 1/2in deep
Folds down nearly flat 3in x 4 1/4in x 1/4in
Weight 7 oz.

Lighting your stove is very easy. Use your knife to feather the end of a piece of fatwood. Please take your time, the more feathering of the fatwood the quicker it will ignite. Hold the ferro rod at a 90-degree angle using your striker to strike down onto the feathered fatwood. Strike the ferro rod with the striker to ignite the fatwood then place the burning fatwood stick into your stove. Start with small twigs then add larger pieces. Once again take your time, make sure your fire is burning before you add more wood. Now you are ready to start cooking.


(1) Camp stove boils water 16 oz. in approximately 6 min, compacts down flat, fits in your backpack

(1) Green Carry case for stove with handle

(1) Bag fatwood dust/chips make starting a fire easy 3 inches X 2 1/2inch

(10) Sticks of fatwood 4inch long x 1/4/-3/8 inch thick

Before you take this wood-burning stove into the wilderness, please take the time to
practice making a few fires. If you have any questions please contact me.

Thank you everyone at kaeserwilderness1947 for the sturdy little camping stove, & all the cool fire starting x-tras. I’ll keep it in my jeep this winter, just incase we break down & need to stay warm here in Pennsylvania. Peace be with you all at kaeserwilderness1947 Sincerely, Rick 🖖🏼👽

Impressive and comes with all the fixins to get started with some fires. Doesn’t take up room and the quality is good. Amazing bang for the buck.

Love it!

The product that I received was better than expected.

Sturdy, compact, lightweight. Dog will hunt!

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