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Kaeser WIlderness fire starting kits are made from the most durable materials available. All of our kits are tested in the wilderness before we offer them for sale. Designed and assembled right here in the USA, Kaeser Wilderness survival kits are built to perform every time even under the most severe conditions

Take charge of your ability to start a fire quickly. Having a fire starting kit in your car or emergency pack could save you and your family's life, especially when traveling anywhere in harsh weather during the fall or winter. With fatwood, you will have the ability to start a fire in any weather conditions, including snow, rain, or heavy wind. Fatwood has been used for hundreds of years to start fires because it's naturally soaked in the tree's resin. No chemicals used here, it's non-toxic and ignites instantly. Cut from dead pine stumps left after logging, we never cut live trees. Use to start all kinds of fires, for wood stoves, campfires, fireplaces, barbecues, and more.

This kit includes a high-quality Molle bag, fatwood chips and dust, a finger knife, a hand saw, and two multi-purpose survival tools. For dedicated survivalists, it's got everything you need for going off the grid. It's also perfect for anyone new to outdoor activity who wants to supplement their packs with safe and reliable gear designed to work in an emergency. The bag is made from durable, waterproof nylon, and fits everything included in the kit. Each product is put together one at a time, in the seaside village of Ventura, California, USA. If you have any questions, please contact me, Steve Kaeser, see you out on the trail.


(1) Molle bag, includes a pouch for your cell phone. 6 3/4" high x 4 3/4" wide x 1 5/8" thick

(10) Fatwood sticks 4 1/8" long, There is enough fatwood to start 25-35 fires

(1) 4" x 6" bag full of small pieces of fatwood tinder

(2) Bags of fatwood chips/dust: 2" x 3 3/4"

(1) Ferro rod: 5/16" x 3", will last for thousands of strikes

(1) New improved extra-thick carbon steel metal striker, bottle opener, 2 7/8" long 5/16" thick x 2 7/8" long thick ferro rod. Produces showers of sparks

(1) 48" piece of jute, used to light fatwood chips/dust

(1) Survival cable hand saw: 21" long blade, stainless steel

(1) Finger knife: 3 1/2" long, durable fixed blade, 440c stainless, hardness 57HRC, black finish with sheath

(2) Multi-function stainless steel survival pocket tools

Thanks for looking. See you out on the trail.

Kaeser Wilderness Supply since 1989.

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