Emergency Survival Thermal Sleeping Bag Waterproof Kaeser Wilderness Supply


Looking for a reliable and efficient emergency survival sleeping bag? Look no further than the Mylar Emergency Survival Sleeping Bag from Kaeser Wilderness Supply!

Made with high-quality, durable Mylar material, this emergency survival sleeping bag is designed to keep you warm and dry in any situation. Whether you're stranded in the wilderness or caught in a sudden storm, this sleeping bag will help you stay safe and comfortable until help arrives.

The Mylar material is ultra-lightweight and compact, making it easy to carry in your backpack or emergency kit. It's also completely waterproof and windproof, ensuring that you stay dry and warm no matter the conditions. The bright orange color of the sleeping bag makes it easy for rescuers to spot you from a distance, increasing your chances of being found quickly in an emergency.

The Mylar Emergency Survival Sleeping Bag from Kaeser Wilderness Supply is a must-have for any outdoor enthusiast or emergency preparedness kit. Order yours today and rest easy knowing that you're prepared for any situation!


(1) Emergency Survival Mylar Sleeping bag, 79 inches long x 36 inches wide

These are challenging times, the best plan is to be prepared.

The family needed to be rescued in colorado's snowy mountains. "The party
told deputies they ended up on this road because their GPS told them
it was the fastest route from Durango to Norwood," Lilly said.

In a tweet, San Miguel County Sheriff Bill Masters said the story
shows it's important for people to keep extra food and water in their
vehicles along with warm gear, emergency sleeping bags and fire-starting material to help brave chilly emergencies.

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Haven't used yet..sure I will be satisfied.

Hopefully these will perform well 'if' we do need them.

Excellent sleeping bag for my car and bag.

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