Ferro Rod Huge 5 in Long x 1/2 in Wide Para Cord Made to Last Survival Emergency Camping


Huge Ferro Rod Huge 5 in Long x 1/2 in Wide Survival Emergency Camping

(1) Huge Premium Ferro Rod 5in long x 1/2 in thick, will last for thousands of strikes
(1) One carbon steel striker scraper that will produce extreme sparks from any Ferro rod. Made from super durable carbon steel. Includes paracord, concave serrated end, hex wrench, bottle opener, and ruler. It will last a lifetime. Length: 3in Width: 3/4in Thickness 1/16th
It burns at about 4000-degree. Light fires in about any conditions. Great survival tool, this Ferro really throws sparks.
Perfect size to fit your hand, no need for a handle.
(1) 550 Paracord 10 feet long can be used in an emergency for Carry Straps, Boot Shoelaces, Tie Knots, Cloth Lines, Dog Leashes, Impromptu Belt

These Ferro rods are made to our specifications and will last for thousands of sparks. You cannot buy a better Ferro rod anywhere.

Came as described, I am satisfied with the purchase.

Works very well. We were able to start fires with it. It sturdy and large enough to be successful.

This rod is perfect for camping easy to make 🔥

Works well.

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