Fatwood Fire Starters 45 Sticks Hand Cut in USA Camping Hiking Survival BOB


Hand cut and shipped from the USA

Stay prepared for any outdoor adventure with our fatwood fire-starting sticks! Light a fire easily in any weather with our waterproof fatwood wood. The fatwood bundle contains all natural, long-burning materials, to get your fire started quickly. Perfect for camping, hiking, hunting, and emergency situations. Be ready for anything with this reliable fire starter kit. #FireStartingKit #FerroRod #Outdoor #Survival #Camping #Hiking #Hunting

Burlap bag 8in x 12in full of 45 hand-cut sticks of fatwood (saves you time) each stick is hand-cut 4-5 inches long. We cut this fatwood so it will be easy to carry when camping, backpacking, hiking, or for emergencies. Easy to ignite with a ferro rod, match, or lighter.

Fatwood has been used for hundreds of years to start fires. Naturally soaked in the tree's resin. No chemicals are used here, they are nontoxic and safe to use. Ignites instantly. Cut from dead pine stumps left after logging, we never cut live trees. Use for all kinds of fires, wood stoves, campfires, fireplaces, barbecues, and more. Perfect for your survival kit, backpacking, bug-out kits, hiking, preppers, or camping.

Now you can start a fire anywhere, in snow, rain, or wind, Use a match, lighter, or ferro rod to ignite.


(1) Burlap bag 8in x 12in full of 45 sticks of hand-cut in the USA, fatwood approximately 3 1/2"-5 long x 1/2-3/4" thick

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Smells so good & even comes in a burlap bag. Nice touch!

These are pretty cool! It has been raining a lot around here and my camp wood never really dries, but these little sticks help get a fire going quickly anyway. Super fast shipping, too!

Perfect for my husband! Putting together a bushcraft survival kit & this is the prefect addition! Thank you

Nice assortment of sizes and all viable. Just the right size for a lozenge tin. Looks good, fatwood is hard to find here.

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