Match Strike Paper Match Striker Paper Sheets Self Adhesive 8.5x11in Sheet


(1) We hand cut this Self-adhesive Match Strike Paper Sheet to 8.5"x11" making it very easy to use

Self-adhesive match striker paper. This is the same type of match striker paper that is on matchboxes and matchbooks. This is not sandpaper. Manufactured for use as a friction match starter- this item contains phosphorous to make it easy to light a match. This is an 8.5x11in(approximate) sheet that can be cut to size and is self-adhesive like a sticker. Can be cut with scissors, paper punches, Xacto knives, die-cutting machines, etc. Adheres best to smooth surfaces of glass, metal, and paper. This strike paper works great with safety matches and strike-anywhere matches. Contain phosphorous for easy igniting of your matches.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. Steve Kaeser

Never run out and always get a fire going.

Very useful item. Will be cut into smaller sections.

received it supper fast, I put it in my fire staring tin cover

Another great product from Kaeser Wildness

As described and pictured. Promptly shipped. Well packaged. Great seller.

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